Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails Training

Ruby On Rails also known as  "RoR" is an open-source platform for Web development in Ruby. Rails is the framework written in ruby hence the name Ruby On Rails. The main advantage of RoR over other frameworks lies in the speed and ease of use for the developers. As it provides a basic framework and structure to the code it makes iteration in coding easy and also any changes made are immediately applied.

What does a Ruby on Rails Developer do :

  • The main responsibility of Ruby On Rails Developer is to write server-side web applications in Ruby around framework Rails. RoR Developers are also usually involved in establishing cross-connection between applications and other 3rd party web services and supporting front end developers by integrating their work. Also Ruby On Rails is becoming popular due to the presence of huge community and the speed that it brings in terms of coding of developers and delivery of projects many companies are demanding this developer skillset. 

    Program Structure : 



    Introduction to Ruby, Installing Ruby and Rails on Windows, Getting Started with Ruby, Numbers, Strings, Variables, Constants, Operators, Operator Precedence, Arrays, Using Two Array Indices, Working with Hashes and Ranges, Conditionals, Loops, Methods, and Blocks



    Classes and Objects, Encapsulation, Creating a Class and Object, Constructor, Ruby Attributes, Using Protected and private access, Overriding Methods, Creating Class Variables, Class Methods, Modules and Mixins, Introduction to Rails, Creating the Application Framework, Running the Application, Creating and testing the Controller, Creating an Action and a View, Introduction to Model-View-Controller Architecture



    Building simple rails application, Rails shortcuts for HTML, models, working with databases, creating a database, creating tables, adding records, displaying table data, validations and testing, cookies, filters, caching, XML, XML attributes, View helpers, view pagination, partial templates, Using AJAX, XML and AJAX



         Requirement analysis, Data flow diagram, Project documentation, Milestone breakup, Wireframing, PSD, Project environment setup, Technology-based mini-project development.

    Mini Project: Database design, Frontend design, Backend connectivity.



    Live project: Candidate can work on any project with the help of trainers in the duration of the last 3 months 


    Additional classes:

    Resume drafting with job portal training, Email drafting with professional etiquettes, Interview etiquettes,

    Personality development, Corporates etiquette, Demo interview1, Demo interview2, Demo interview3

    Program Duration : 

    Note: We will cover all the above units in the duration of 

    4 Week training: Unit-1, Unit-2

    3 Month training: Unit-1, Unit-2, Unit-3,Unit-4 

    6 Month training: All the above units with additional classes 

    Program Outcome: 
    > Grasp idea of prototyping ideas and implementing them.
    > Become a professional Ruby on Rails developer. 
    > Design and build any Application as per requirement.  
    >  Certificate From W3Grads on subject to completion. 

    At W3Grads the course on Ruby On Rails is designed in a way to provide in-depth knowledge and covers from basic to advanced aspects of this training. The trainers hold a substantial amount of experience in ruby on rails development and they have curated course modules to give you the maximum benefit of this training. Training involves practical sessions as well where you'll be able to apply to what you have taught and have a hands-on experience too. By the end of this course, you'll be well equipped with skills and, and our trainers will have you trained in a way so that you can handle any sort of difficult and complex situation when you a step into the reality of IT Sector.