Natural language processing is the segment of Artificial Intelligence that is focused on enabling automatic manipulation of language. Natural Language Processing is a very popular field pertaining to Artificial Intelligence and provides the capabilities to machines to read, understand, and derive a meaning from a sentence written in human language, that actually makes sense. NLP primarily depends on machine learning algorithms for deriving meanings from words and sentences. NLP is one of the hottest and trendiest topics these days. Companies are investing an enormous amount of money in this as its outcomes are remarkable. One of the most familiar examples of NLP is Google Voice Search. Benefits of Natural Language processing Search Autocorrect and Autocorrect - There are several times you search anything on google and it automatically completes the sentence and even corrects your grammar. Ever thought how it happens? It's NLP which is behind all this. Isn't it a blessing? Language translator – Language is a requisite part of the global world. It allows us to share our ideas and information with everyone. It helps to communicate and eliminates the language barrier. NLP is the main reason behind such translators. Social Media Marketing – Millions of data are generated by blogs, articles, and searches. Some companies gather searches for users and give it to companies to amend their plans. Companies have applied this technology to achieve work-oriented goals to improve productivity or job progression. Chatbots – It is impossible to reply to all the queries manually. In such situations, chatbots come handy. Chatbots are robots which interact with humans to answer their query. It reduces the cost and no. of the people and surely increases customer experience. Target Audience – Often you search for anything online for example a T-shirt and you will realize you are seeing its advertisement on several other websites as well. This is called target advertising. It works on the mechanism of keyword matching which is also a part of NLP. Voice Assistant – Alexa, Siri, Google assistant are the most amazing inventions and very popular these days. It is a digital assistant that uses a voice recognition system and natural language processing to work. Challenges of Natural Language Processing The most considered problem is human language. It is hard for computers to understand human language especially when people start using their specific lingo. When a customer asks several questions in one question, then it is hard for the application to answer it. Computers sometimes fail to answer all the inquiries at once. People sometimes surmise that computers will understand their context and it has a memory which is untrue. The same word having different meanings also causes strain to the computer. Misspellings also cause trouble for the system.                            Scope and future of NLP The scope of Natural Language processing is very high. It is definitely an evolution in the field of Data Science. It will have human potential in text and speech analysis which will be convenient in scrutinizing large quantities of data. As NLP makes Data more user-friendly and more intractable it can be a game-changer in the field of computer science and business as well. Several estimations have been that in the future most of the application will be NLP-platform driven. Written by- Farheen Hussain B.Tech 4th year Integral University, Lucknow



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