Over time, the expansion of the internet is epidemic. Every other person has access to the internet. In this situation, the easiest way to advertise any brand is online. Digital marketing is conveyed through digital medium. These mediums can be social media, mobile applications, emails, text message, electronic billboards etc. In more professional way, any form of marketing of products or services that indulge electronic devices. Often people believe that digital marketing needs to be online, which is not true. Digital marketing can be both online and offline. OFFLINE DIGITAL MARKETING Radio marketing While listening to radio, you hear various types of ads; it is a type of marketing technique. It is one of the initial forms of digital marketing. Many people think it is not relevant anymore but as long as you understand your audience and know their requirement it is still a relevant unique. Television marketing It is one of the most popular forms of advertising. There are so many times you see a product on television and you buy it. It attracts most of the audience. Phone marketing These days, phone marketing is trending. Smartphones are killing it. As you know, more people are accessing mobile instead of desktops and laptops. Much money is spent on mobile ads rather than television ads. Cold calling is calling an unknown person who has no prior knowledge of the product and trying to sell them. Text message marketing This type of marketing also helps in also helps to gain the customer's attention. Enhanced offline marketing While you scroll in your vicinity, various electronic billboards and posters grab your attention. This is called enhanced offline marketing. These are some of the easiest and obvious marketing tricks. ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING Search engine optimization It is a process of increasing the rank of your website on any search engine. With SEO, the content of the page will be optimized and it makes sure it appears on a couple of pages of the search engines. It is the best way to gain organic traffic on your website. Content marketing These days, customers are just not satisfied with my websites only, which opens the door to various other options for ex- blog posts, brochures, eBooks, articles and guides etc. If your content is really interesting and genuine it will get awareness and attention. Social media marketing These days the most popular thing in this whole world is social media. Almost all the people hold a social media account. So, the easiest target audience is this audience. If you want to increase brand awareness, come across as a market leader, generate leads, and communicate with customers, these platforms need to be utilized. You just need to find which platform has the most number of audiences. Affiliate marketing In affiliate marketing, you ask a famous personality or YouTuber to promote your product and sell them on your behalf because they have a big audience and in return you give them some amount of commission. Pay-per-click advertising You see various sponsored ads on your Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  When clicking on them, advertisers pay a fee each time you click on them. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. Email marketing Emails can be a good option for promotion, follow-up messages, newsletters, upcoming sales, and more. IMPORTANCE OF DIGITAL MARKETING When it comes to marketing people still opt the older version like printing pamphlets and print ads. The potential customer can be found more on-line instead of locally. Using Digital marketing, you can interact with an enormous amount of audience effortlessly. You can interconnect with so many people which will ultimately increase your reach. This will be very essential for your business. You can compete on a larger scale and with big industries. You can target your ideal audience. You can be accessible to your audience every time. You will be aware of your competition and do changes according to trends and needs. Using digital marketing you can get your customers feedback. You will get to know what your audience wants from you. You can do your business on a global platform. By embracing digital marketing, online and offline, you will increase brand awareness and give your consumers multiple channels by which to access your products and services. You will get the return of your investment. SCOPE OF DIGITAL MARKETING Digital marketing provides a good job opportunity all over the world. So the career growth in this field is very impressive. It is one of the fastest modes of marketing and promotion all over the world. Due to the global pandemic, many economists suggest that the scope of digital marketing is very high. A report in Indian Express suggests that 85% marketers are tracking revenues generated through digital marketing and 50% of them reported that e-marketing activities are contributing to more than 10% of their revenues. “Digital marketing is no more a medium, it is a business”. Written by: Farheen Hussain B.Tech – Integral University, Lucknow



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