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StringBuffer and StringBuilder in Java

  Strings in Java are objects used to represent a sequence of characters. They can be either created using the String Literal or by using the NEW keyword. Strings are immutable in Java are represented in the UTF-16 format. When a new String is created, it looks for the String with the same...
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How to Convert String into Integer in Java

  In this video, we will see how we can convert a string into an integer. As we all know the String in is a sequence of characters, for example Hello is a string of 5 characters. In java, a string is an immutable object which means it is constant and can not be changed once it has been cre...
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Is Ruby Dying?

“Is ruby dying”, “Is ruby dead”, “Who cares about ruby “, Ruby is dead “. These are the frequently asked question in the past couple of years whenever one searches about ruby on Google. Well, answer to this no. In fact Ruby on Rails has fragmented into various market segments.  Ruby on Rails is ...
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Blockchain Technology : An Brief Overview

Blockchain Technology took the world by storm with the introduction of bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrency. Both these cryptocurrencies wouldn't have been in existence without this technology that was conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. A lot is going in and around this technology and man...
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